Greener Pastures

The voice of the Lord is over the water Psalm 29 : 3


Mine is only one of many hearts that is heavy tonight.  Yesterday, my Uncle Marvin (Tuff) Colyer, crossed over the mountain to ride in greener pastures.

Last week I wrote a tribute to him on my blog, called One Tuff Cowboy.  His health has not been good for sometime, so it was not a surprise; but it is still a shock.  No one wants to let go of someone we love so much.  There is a relief; a peace, that he is no longer in pain and suffering.  But there is also an empty ache in the core of my heart.

I wrote this poem several years ago for a dear friend who had just lost her husband.  I am dedicating it tonight to my Aunt Leah…and her family, in hope it might comfort them in some small way.

Help Me Lord

My heart is full of worry, Lord,

you know the pain I bear.

Please guide me in these troubled times,

look down on me with care.

Let the sound of roaring rivers

bring peace when I feel none.

Grant me strength, like the mighty pine,

give me hope in the morning sun.

Hold my hand, and guide my feet.

Give me faith that will not sway.

Help me, though I’m hurting now,

to see your promise in each day.

Sheryl Craig Russell



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