Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Ed, Odessa, and Patsy Craig

This is a picture of my grandparents, Ed and Odessa Craig, and my sister, Pat; Patsy as she was known back then.  This isn’t one of the best pictures of my grandparents, but I chose to share it because of some of the things I see in the background.

The first thing I noticed was Grandma’s dress.  It struck me that neither one of my Grandmas ever wore anything except dresses.  At least I can never remember them in anything else.  Perhaps it was just the era they grew up in.

The second thing I noticed was the doilies on the back of the couch and on the mantle.  Grandma loved to crochet.  She had doilies everywhere.  She also gave them as gifts to many people.  My mom had several from her.  Pat and I also ended up with some.  Some were simple and some were quite extravagant.  You don’t see doilies very often any more, but whenever I do see one, I instantly see my Grandma Odessa.

If you look next to Granddad, you will see a glass candy dish on the table.  I remember their candy dish.  It almost always had lemon drops in it.  I remember Granddad sucking on those lemon drops while he worked on the daily crossword puzzle from the newspaper; something he did almost every day, right up to his last days.  He died a few months after his 101st birthday!  His mind was always clear and sharp!

One other thing I noticed was what looks like roses in the vase on the mantle.  In this day and age, if you see roses, or flowers on the table or counter, you think…nice husband…must be her birthday, or anniversary.  How thoughtful of him!  I doubt that was the case here.  Not that Granddad was not thoughtful, I didn’t mean that.  It is just that Grandma always had such beautiful flowers.  I remember when we lived by them in California, what a breathtaking yard she had.  Flowers of every kind bordered her entire yard fence.  She was always outside watering with a garden hose, while butterflies and bees danced along with her.

It is funny, how sometimes it is the little things that stir up such warm memories!



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