The Passion

Mel Gibson’s, The Passion, was on the other night.  I watched it several years ago at night, by myself. I think for me that was a good thing.  I had no one to talk to, share thoughts with, or cry with.  It was just me and Jesus going through this together.

I’ve never had a movie affect me the way this one did.  That is because this was not just a movie.  It was the story of my Savior who was tortured, mocked, and died a horrific death for me.

I’ve read the Easter story many times in the Bible.  It never hit me the way the movie did.  The Bible said Jesus was mocked, that he was beaten, and made to carry his own cross.  However, I never witnessed it.  I never saw the blows or watched Jesus writhe in pain.  I never saw his blood pouring from his wounds, or the pain, both physical and emotional in his eyes.

Through much of it I had to cover my face until the scene was over.  I couldn’t watch it.

I know God said our sins could only be covered by a perfect sacrifice without blemish.  I believe that because God said so, but I don’t understand it.  My heart cries, “Why God?  Why did you let Him go through this?”

I still don’t understand why, I just know it was necessary for us to be able to be in the presence of God.

When The Passion came on the other night, I decided to watch it again.  It had already started and I tuned in on an unpleasant scene.  I could not watch it.  I had to turn it off.  Jesus said, “It is finished!”  I could not watch him go through that one more time.

Today is Good Friday; the day this all happened so long ago.  Every since I watched The Passion, Good Friday never seems so “good.”

But He is good!  He is alive!  And He has risen!







2 thoughts on “The Passion

  1. I’ve watched The Passion a couple of times. I think I have that movie. I haven’t been able to watch it in a couple of years.
    I tried to watch The Passion: “Live” last week. It felt much different (spiritually than the movie version)
    I stopped half way thru.


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