The Roaring Twenties


Ed and Odessa Craig   1925

I always loved old movies of the Roaring Twenties.  It looked like such a fun time to live.  I loved the dances, the clothes, the hair.

This picture is of my grandparents, Ed and Odessa Craig.   I love this picture, but it is not how I remember either one of them.  Granddad was a cowboy his whole life.  Grandma was a housewife.  She had a beautiful flower garden, loved crocheting, and always wore dresses.  I never saw her in a dress like this though!  She makes a pretty cute “flapper” doesn’t she?

Granddad loved to dance.  I was told he won a dance contest doing the Charleston.  I wish I could have been there!  I wonder if they were going to a dance when this picture was taken.

It is so fun seeing a glimpse of a “fun and sassy” side of people who always seemed so proper and dignified to me.

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