Beneath The Big Sky

1-18-2016 016

I moved to Montana my senior year of high school.  I can remember coming into West Yellowstone and being completely awe struck.  The mountains, the trees, the rivers, the meadows; they simply took my breath away.  I fell in love with this place.   It is where I want to live the rest of my life.  But even if I move away, I know it will always be in my heart and soul.

Beneath The Big Sky

Oh Montana, where my heart resides

no matter where I be,

your mountains high, and plains so wide,

are all my eyes can see.

The roaring of your rivers, wild,

restore my inner peace.

Your morning air of fragrant pine

brings joys that never cease.

You fill my heart with western dreams

in God’s most favorite place,

my blood with passion, wild and free,

my soul, with awe and grace.

Not for fame untold, do I want,

nor gold with which to die.

I simply want to live my life

beneath your blue, big sky.

Sheryl Craig Russell


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