Following Through

I am at a place in my life where I feel God pushing me to try some new things.  I feel a “pressure” to start now.

Pressure is seldom a good feeling.  It can be uncomfortable.  I have a tendency to want to move to get out from under it.  I like my comfort zone.

Sometimes there is only one way to ease that pressure and that is to yield to it; let it pierce, prune, mold you until it has produced the change that was needed.

Looking at this series of pictures taken of my grandson, Dylan, I think I see exactly what God has been trying to get me to understand.

  1.  Take the ball in your hands
  2.  Take one step at a time; large strides will get you there quicker
  3.  Keep your eyes on your goal and take that flying leap of faith
  4.  Follow through

I have started taking one step at a time, but they have been baby steps.  I see I need to push harder; take larger strides, keep my eyes on my goals, trust God, and take that flying leap, and the last which has always been hard for me…follow through.

Thank you Dylan for your dedication to your sport and for your example.


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