Faith Of Our Fathers

I was going through some of my writings to come up with new posts when I came across this article.  I wrote this in July of 2009.

 Faith of our Fathers

We recently had our 40th High School Class Reunion.  We had a wonderful time at the local park and Community Hall.  We enjoyed a pitch fork fondue, square dancing, old memories, laughs, and each other’s company.

We also had a few join us that were in the class beneath us.  We were looking at old pictures from that class, and I asked someone, “What ever happened to Sonje?”  Her answer about blew me away, “The last I heard she was in prison; I believe in Thailand or somewhere for distributing Bibles.”

Sonje’s father was a minister and the influence of God that he left on her must have been very great.  Sonje was a very sweet, kind, girl, and it was always nice to be around her.  I’m not surprised that she followed in her father’s footsteps, and I will keep her in my prayers.  I hope by now she has been released, if not, I hope all who read this will also pray for her.

I came home from the reunion and one of the first things I saw was a picture of my youngest grandson, Logan, praying.  We all take for granted the freedoms we have in this country that allows me to even have a picture like that sitting in my living room.

Our country was founded on God’s principles.  His commandments are etched in the walls of our government buildings and memorials.  Our Pledge of Allegiance confirms his presence with us, “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

And yet we have allowed a few to take prayer out of our schools, and now they are trying to remove all traces of God from government.  They want to remove all reference of God from statues, walls, memorials, even our money that says, “In God We Trust.”  The saddest of all to me was a quote I saw in the news of our President telling a foreign leader he was meeting with, that our nation, The United States of America, was NOT a Judean-Christian nation!

Say what?  Does he live in the same country I do?  But then I began to wonder why we let those few keep doing what they are doing.  We don’t really want to get involved fighting for our rights.  It is easier to complain about what they are doing than to actually write letters to our leaders or go before them with our concerns.  And I am as guilty as any.  But maybe it’s time we change.  If we don’t, how long do you think it will be before we..yes, you and me, in the good old US, are thrown into a prison cell for trying to give a Bible to someone who wants to hear and learn about God?  Thank you, Sonje, for opening my eyes.  May God bless and keep you!

Wow!  Almost seven years later and look what is happening in our country.  Our government has legalized same-sex marriage.  Bruce Jenner is being honored as “Woman of the Year.”  God continues to be banned from our schools and country.  We are forced to remove Nativity scenes from our local towns. Schools are told they can’t  pray as part of their graduation ceremonies.  School Christmas programs are being banned from singing Christmas carrols that reference God in any form. Gideon Bibles are being removed from motel rooms.

But….school districts in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, California, and other states are implementing curriculum where students are given classes in Islam where they have to  write and then recite the Islam conversion creed; “Allah is the only God, Mohammad is his prophet.”  One school in St. Paul, Minnesota has banned Valentines Day along with other so-called dominant holidays,” (i.e. Thanksgiving, and Christmas) because the “dominant view could suppress someone else’s view.”

Oh, America! Don’t let President Obama convince you we are not a Judean-Christian Nation!  We are!  Let’s start acting like it and return to God.  Let us etch His laws not only on the walls of our government buildings, but let us etch them in our hearts.  Let us fight to restore the right to have Him guide our nation, as our forefathers did.  Pray that the leaders elected in our next election will seek God and stand up for our core values.


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