Two Shall Become One


Mike and Sherry Russell U3 Ranch Wells,NV

This picture was taken of my husband and me about forty-two years ago.  I look at that picture and it seems like yesterday.  We were packing salt to the cows on the summer range.  Our life together was just starting.  We had been married a couple of years and were still full of hope for the life that was ahead of us.

I had no idea how good that life would be.  All three of our children were born  on this ranch.  We lived here for seventeen years.  There are so many good memories from this place.  They just fill my mind and heart to overflowing.  We loved the show “Little House On The Prairie.”  I think the reason we loved it is because it was basically our life.  Yes, we had to add a generation or two.  We had to change the setting from a farm to a ranch.  But the family life, the ordinary simple country living and values, the hard work, and family picnics, that was us.

The bible says that when you marry “The two shall become one flesh.”  I’m not sure exactly when it was that I started feeling that oneness, but it is there.  There are just a few things that I can say I did, or Mike did; it is almost always, we did.

Mike has been working in Wyoming.  He was there last week and will be there this week.  He may be working there for a couple more weeks after that.  He does come home on the weekend, but I am starting to feel like part of me is missing.  I am ready to feel whole again.  I miss my husband, my friend.


2 thoughts on “Two Shall Become One

  1. The true marriage of souls is a miracle and such a beautiful thing!!! Thank you for sharing about yours:-) There is a world out there that does not understand that this love exists, and needs to hear these stories!


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