Otis and Lillie Wells Family

Back row: Kenny Dipp, Chet Dipp, Leah Colyer, Nellie Duffield, Eldred Wells, Bill Dipp Front Row: Mae Medlock, Lillie Wells, Otis Wells, Harriett Craig

This picture was taken at a Wells Family Reunion at the U-3 Ranch in Wells, Nevada on Thanksgiving 1972.  It is a picture of my mother, Harriett, with her parents and siblings.  I am filled with all kinds of emotions when I look at this.  This was about 4 months after my husband and I were married.  It is the first time my husband met any of my family; other than my parents, at our wedding.  I also was pregnant with our first child.  This reunion was very special to me.  This is a picture of  such good memories, and an exiting time in my life!

This was also a time of change for us.  Dad was managing the U-3 and offered Mike a job.  He accepted and we moved to Nevada the week before Christmas of that year.

I look at this a second time, and such sadness comes over me.  All of these people..my famiy, are gone now except for my Aunt Leah, and my Uncle Eldred.

Although I miss them, I know my grief is for myself only.  I do not feel sadness for them. They all believed and trusted in Jesus and I know they are together again in heaven.  They have no more tears, pain, or trials in their lives.  They are in the presence of our Lord, full of joy…and waiting for us to join them.  The next time we all meet….what a reunion that will be!


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