My Sister Patsy

Harriett, Jim, Patsy, and Sherry Craig

Today is your birthday. You are——–Oh well, it doesn’t really matter how old you are.  Everyone knows you are older than me.  You may be prettier, smarter, taller, and skinnier, but that doesn’t bother me.  That’s because no matter what you do, you are, and always will be older than me!

All kidding aside, I’m glad you are my sister.

What is a sister?  Well, to me, she was the  first friend I ever had.  She is the person that shares most of the same memories I do. We had the same great parents.  We loved the same pets.  My sister and I made mud pies together, played paper-dolls together, went fishing, sledding, and riding together.  We played Annie, Annie over, and King of the mountain (on old manure piles) together. We made tepees out of old willows down by the creek and played Indians. We floated boats (made out of old oatmeal boxes)  in the irrigating ditches. My sister and I played records and danced in the middle of the living room floor.  We gathered shells, and starfish together on the beach, and gathered acorns for our pig.  We played games like Monopoly, Sorry, and Chinese checkers.  And yes…sometimes we fought together, though not very often.

But what we were really doing all those years growing up, my sister and me, is this…we were gathering memories.  And good memories they are.  We were pretty good at that.  We have enough saved in the gunnysacks of our minds to shuffle through and share together and bring a smile back to our faces and hearts……….even in your old, old days, Pat!  Happy memories Sis, and happy birthday to my first, and forever friend!

7 thoughts on “My Sister Patsy

  1. I have 8 sisters and 4 brothers, I am the baby of the family. I don’t have a close relationship with all of them since I was the last and youngest. But I have a best friend who became like my sister and we have a bond that way like the one you speak of here. So lovely! 🙂


  2. Fortunate you are, Sheryl
    My sister and I were 2 decades apart. I was born when she was 21. She died ~4 yrs ago.
    I think I wrote a blog on her birthday last year, in March.
    Thank you for sharing,
    – Kenzel


  3. It seems to me that Patsy resembles your mother, while you have some features of your father. On my paternal side, my grandparents had six kids. Grandpa was slight, and skinny, and Grandma was substantially plump. I was well grown before I realized that some of their kids were thin and slight, while a couple took after Grandma and were plumper-than-plump! It was genetics, visualized!

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