Anita (Nita) Craig


Anita Craig, Nita as she was known to us, is my step-grandmother.  She married my Grandfather Ed on November 8, 1968.  She was born and raised in Northern California and spent almost all her life there.

I met Nita when I was in high school when she started dating my grandfather.  They loved to go to dances ; in fact I believe that is where they met.  Nita always dressed very “classy”.  She was always very nice to me and fun to be around.  Nita loves the ocean and always had seashells and other things she would collect from her ocean visits.

After I married my husband, we moved to the U3 Ranch in Wells, NV.  My dad, Jim Craig was managing the ranch.  Several years down the road, my husband would also manage the U3.  I have such wonderful memories from those years.  Some of those wonderful memories are when Granddad and Nita would come visit.  Nita would take long walks with Mom, me, and my children.  The kids would stop and pick up pretty rocks to give her.  She would graciously accept them and pretty soon she would find a pretty one to give them.  They love her like a grandmother, and so do I.

If it were not for Nita’s eyesight, she would still be living independently.  Her mind is sharp, memory good, and she still gets around pretty well.  That is amazing to me.

Nita was born January 4, 1913.  Her birthday was yesterday.  Nita just turned 103!  Happy birthday Nita!  I love you!



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