Please God; Bless Us In This New Year


I am not making any New Year’s resolutions this year.  I never fulfill any I’ve ever made anyway.  That perhaps is because I try to make changes on my own power instead of leaning on the power of the Holy Spirit.  This year instead of a resolution, I am making a petition of prayer to God.

Please God, this year:

  1.  Give our leaders wisdom.  Guide them to make decisions pleasing to you regarding the leadership and direction of our country.
  2. Help us reverse legislature that is against your will.  Help us change the legalization of abortion and save the lives of innocent babies.
  3. Prosper us.  Let no one in our country go to bed hungry. Bring an end to the homeless situation in our country.  Let no one have to sleep on the streets this year.  Prosper us that we may help other countries as well.
  4. Protect us Lord, from those who wish to do us harm
  5. Protect our service men and women.  Help us provide for those in need when they return home.  Let no one who has fought for our freedoms have to struggle with medical, financial, or rehabilitation issues.  Give us a heart to honor them..
  6. Draw our citizens near you.  Give us a desire to seek you and walk in your ways.  Turn our hearts to you, that we may be ready for your second coming.
  7. Thank you Lord for all you bless us with everyday.  We may have problems in our country, but America, founded on your principles, is the most blessed country in the world.  Help us stay that way.
  8. In Jesus name, Amen.

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