Pet Chickens

Jim Craig

Isn’t this a cute picture of my dad and his chicken?  He kinda looks like a little Huck Finn, doesn’t he?

It reminds me of when my sister and I were kids in Fairfield, Idaho.  We had a pet chicken also.  I remember we taught it to do some kind of trick . We and some of the neighbor kids  put on a circus for family and neighbors.  Our dog jumped through a hoola hoop, we had a wild west show with cowboys and Indians, and our friends had tricks with some of their pets.  It was a pretty good production for little kids…or at least we thought.  However when it came time for our chicken act, she was nowhere to be found.  In fact we never saw her again.

Then I remembered we had fried chichen about the time our little hen disappeared.  No, Dad wouldn’t have…would have he?  I mean look at that sweet face and how he loves that chicken of his…..Nah….couldn’t have!


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