Patsy and her Rolly Doll

Sister “Patsy” and her Rolly Doll

I don’t remember this Christmas.  I don’t remember my sister, Patsy, getting this doll as a present.

What I do remember as a kid growing up, is that doll always on a shelf in her room.  I also remember the stories of our longtime family friend from Bruneau, ID who gave her that doll.  His name was Rolly Hawes.

Ok….I’ll admit it.  I was jealous and I guess I still am!  I loved that cute little cowboy doll!  He was never played with that I can remember.  He just sat on that shelf gathering admiration from those who would look his way.

But really, all you Bruneau people who knew Rolly Hawes, doesn’t that doll look like him?  I think that is why I wanted it so bad.  It reminded me of Rolly, who always gave us Idaho Spud candy Bars when he came to visit.  He was always a jolly man and I loved being around him.  I miss him a lot.

……..Just for the record: I made Pat promise to leave me “Rolly” in her will should she go before me!

Have a Jolly Rolly Christmas!  (That is a good thing!)

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