An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Pat, Harriett, Jim, Sherry -1966

I was going through more pictures and when I came across this one, I felt such a longing for days of Christmas’s past.  This is a picture of my family taken about 1966.  From left to right is Pat, Harriett, Jim, and me, Sherry Craig.

My childhood home was filled with so much warmth and love.  Mom and Dad taught us to enjoy the simple things of life.  Christmas time was no exception.  Yes, as kids we were always excited for the gifts.  They were never extravagant, but they were always thoughtful, and given with love.

However, it was the preparation for Christmas that floods my heart with warm memories.  The time spent with Mom, making Christmas cookies, and candy is always on my mind this time of year.  Her fudge was good, but her chocolate carmels….oh my goodness, they were divine!  Dad was the true spirit of Santa.  He was always full of joy and always got us in a Christmas mood.  We loved the day even more when we were able to share it with extended family, which we were lucky enough to do quite often.

I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote a few years back.   I also  hope you have an old-fashioned Christmas filled with family, love, and the presence of Christ.

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

I want an old-fashioned Christmas

like I knew when I was young,

where family joined together,

and with love our socks were hung.

It’s an old-fashioned Christmas

that my heart is longing for,

stringing popcorn to make garlands;

Christmas cards adorn the door.

Little hands and cookie cutters,

smiles to make our hearts glow warm,

drinking eggnog ’round the fire;

these are how the memories form..

Adorned with lights and tinsel,

stands the fragrant Christmas tree.

Around it we would gather,

singing songs to Christ with glee.

An old-fashioned Christmas,

with Mom’s special homemade fudge,

These were times we loved our neighbors

 and let go of any grudge.

It an old-fashioned Christmas

that my heart is longing for

I wish as well, one waits for you,

and all inside your door.

Sheryl Craig Russell



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