Old Photos

I’ve been looking through a couple of boxes of old photos that my dad recently gave me. It has been fun reminiscing . Some have flooded me with warm memories, some have made me giggle, some left tears streaming down my face, while others I didn’t even remember. There were also pictures of my ancestors who I never had the privilege to meet.

In the next few months I plan to share some stories, poems, and pictures of some of them. Hope you enjoy.

Old Photos

An old box of photos

Sits before me on the floor.

Images of black and white

That have opened up a door;

A door to old memories

Of when I was a kid,

Memories that years gone by

Thought that they had hid.

There were fun times, good times,

And sad times as well.

Oh so many stories

That old box can tell!

There also opened up

A door before my time,

Of people that I never knew

Down my ancestral family line.

Their photos beg me to listen

To their forgotten stories,

Of the times in which they lived,

All their pain, all their glories.

I’ll try to weave together

My life with those who’ve passed,

So the memories in that old box

Will forever last.

Sheryl Craig Russell



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