Mountain Morning Moments

I love  Montana.  I love the mountains.  And I so miss the early morning when the air is crisp and clean and you can see your breath as the deer and elk graze in the hayfields.  Some day I hope again to sit on the front porch sipping a cup of hot coffee and watch God’s handiwork fill me with awe.

Mountain Morning Moments

When the morning sun pops over

the top of the mountain there,

the beauty that my eyes behold

makes me stop in prayer.

The bull elk with his head laid back,

the bugle from his throat,

sends chills that travel down my back,

and I readjust my coat.

What a sight I’m privileged to,

what sounds so pure and clear.

There is no doubt dear Lord above,

your hand has touched me here.

I watch the elk herd travel back

to the safety of the pines,

as a coyote on a distant ridge,

yips, and howls, and whines.

The day had dawned in the Beartooths,

the ranch day beacons now.

There are chores to do, fences to mend,

feeding of the horse and cow.

But Lord before I head into

this day for me you’ve set,

Let me linger here and never

Mountain morning moments let me forget.

Sheryl Craig Russell



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